+news Kyuusen

The Daimyo of the Land of Grass has graciously opened the borders of his
Land, and too the gates of his castle. Fort Kyuusen is accessible to ninja
of all shinobi nations. The Daimyo hopes to propel the Land of Grass into a
position of importance, using the Fort as a place where merchants from
every Land can find ninja for hire.

The Kusagakure ninja themselves do their best to maintain a level of safety
within the bounds of the Land of Grass, but - with so many ninja present -
it is not uncommon for rivalries to erupt into conflict. This violence,
however, is kept thoroughly suppressed within the walls of Fort Kyuusen.

(Nonetheless, it is still said - within the deepest rumors of ninja - that
an assassination carried out within the walls of Fort Kyuusen is the true
mark of ninja master.)

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