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Legendary Ninja. Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Pain, Uchiha Madara. Some
people fear them, some respect them, others consider them nemeses. For our
purposes, they are much the same.

Legendary Ninja are respected and feared shinobi who are amongst the most
powerful on the MUSH. There are several factors in becoming a Legendary
Ninja: stats, experience, skills, skill level, and - most importantly -

Notoriety is built through RP. Your character is one who is easily
recognized by other senior-ranking ninja. You would most likely have a
Bingo Book file in foreign Lands (even if you are not a Missing Nin).
Remember, Bingo Book files are for enemy ninja who are considered extremely
dangerous, and who could be potential enemies. (Hatake Kakashi, for
example, was readily identified as the "Copycat Ninja" by Momochi Zabuza.)

While there are requirements to become a Legendary Ninja, there are no
advantages in being one (other than bragging rights).

For additional information, see +news icpromotions.

* There is no application for becoming a Legendary Ninja. If your character
is found worthy, Staff will contact you.

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