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The grading rubric Staff uses to decide on weekly log rewards is broken
into three sections. Grading is naturally a very subjective process, and
you can bet that the person doing it usually won't find your poses quite as
cool as they seemed to you when you wrote them. Still, knowing what Staff
looks for can help you score higher (up to 3 XP and 3 pVotes per log). The
three parts of the rubric are:

* Scene Type

* Poses

* Role

However, it's good to first take note of what expectations a player should
have regarding the acquisition of XP and pVotes from a log. Receiving only
1 XP and 1 pVote from a log does not mean you are a horrible RPer. It means
that you took part in an enriching scene and played a valid role in it.

- A reward of 1 XP and 1 pVote is probably the most common reward a
character receives.

- A reward of 2 XP and 2 pVotes means that you did something which stood
out positively to the Log Reviewer: served others by running the scene,
entertained the reader with something clever or unusual, etc. It doesn't
take too much, but just being there and doing what you're supposed to do
usually doesn't quite cut it.

- A reward of 3 XP and 3 pVotes means you were flat-out AWESOME, and is
really quite rare. It takes much more to get to three from two than it does
to get to two from one. Even the best players on NarutoMUSH get two points
much more often than three. But remember: even getting one point
essentially triples the vote value of the scene (1 vote from scene + 1 XP
from log credit = 3 votes), plus it gives you a pVote.

(Continued in +news loggrading2.)

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Scene Type

- If the log being reviewed is of a mission or plot scene (where plot is
defined as something that would get its own campaign module on the Wiki),
every participant almost automatically gets at least 1 XP and 1 pVote.
Exceptions could arise for characters who don't really participate in a
meaningful way, or who score horribly in other aspects. Also, if a log is
related to a particular plot, but doesn't do much to advance the plot, that
too will not get credit.

- Personal plots - such as training to learn a particular technique (if
done in an interesting way, not just posing about doing a lot of pushups);
relationship developments between characters; etc. - can garner 1 XP and 1
pVote for scenes in which they take place. They should, typically, be of
things that take more than a single scene to complete. Also, characters who
don't directly take part in what makes the scene important do not get

- Anything particularly interesting can gain the participants 1 XP and 1
pVote. For example, a sport played using ninja tactics; a casting of
characters into the roles of a totally different theme or story; or a scene
played out with a fun OOC restriction (every pose must include a movie
quote!). Joe vs. Bob spar #32, chatting at the ramen joint, or shopping for
kunai do not in themselves qualify as interesting (that is not to say that
they cannot be). Try to always ask yourself this question: if a random
Naruto fan were to wander onto the Wiki, would they find your log
entertaining enough to be worth the read?

- Staff-run mega-plot scenes allow for the potential of earning 4 XP and 4
PP. However, that doesn't mean everybody starts off at a higher number.
Those who do get 4 XP and 4 pVotes really have to earn it: excellent poses,
significant participation, and good form in their interaction with the
other characters.

(Continued in +news loggrading3.)

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- Pose quality is the main thing which can elevate a character's grade from
1 to 2 to 3 (or, in mega-plot scenes, even 4). Poses have to be really well
constructed to garner credit for a scene which otherwise wouldn't get any
XP or pVotes. Correct grammar is, in some sense, the most important aspect
of this. We're not Nazis about it, but frequent verbal stumbling blocks
really hurt pose quality. Just being correct isn't enough for credit,
though; the pose should to be of good prose, too. The scene has to be
pleasurable to read, not bland or repetitive.

- Pose length, given that the quality is good, is also a factor. Players
who inflict walls-o'-text on others merely to be verbose are not helping
their score. However, as long as somebody is writing something worth
reading, more of it is generally a good thing. The opposite is also true:
writing a sentence or two as a pose also do not help your score.

- Total number of poses is also a factor. A character who is only present
for a pose or two is unlikely to get credit, even if they were good poses;
whereas a very lengthy scene of poses that are decent on average can garner
its participants an extra XP and pVote.

- The general rules of good RP: don't twink or powerplay; give others
opportunity to have an effect on what you're doing; respond to things which
should be a concern to your character; etc. All these affect pose quality
score. Following the rules generally doesn't raise a character's score,
unless they had to make an especially large effort to accomplish it (i.e.,
Jounin Bob going out of his way to give Genin Joe a chance to do something
significant). We're more concerned with breaking of the rules, which lowers
a character's pose quality score.

(Continued in +news loggrading4.)

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- If a person is responsible, in whole or in part, for running a scene
(spoofing baddies or other NPCs, describing the situation, facilitating
whatever qualifies the scene as worthy of reward) and does a reasonably
good job of it, this gets their character 1 XP and 1 pVote. They can still
lose it due to failures in other areas, however.

- If a character is not a part of whatever's going on that makes the scene
worth reading - for example, a pair of Genin who just happen to be off on
the side sparring while other characters are unearthing the dark, spooky
secret of the training grounds - they do not get credit for participating.

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