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On the NarutoMUSH Wiki, we have a section for logs of scenes that have
taken place ICly. This log database not only allows you to share your
adventures with the rest of NarutoMUSH, but it also nets you XP and pVotes!

* To submit a log for review, e-mail moc.liamg|hsumoturan#moc.liamg|hsumoturan with the subject
line Log: <title>, and with the following in the body of the e-mail:

Participants: <names of those involved>

Date: <the RL date when the scene took place>

Summary: <a short summary of what happened in the scene/mission>

Title: <the title of the log>

Location: <the IC location, which is not necessarily the same as the room


<your log here>

Important Logging Tips!

-Make sure that one (and only one) person is responsible for sending in the
log of a scene or mission. Duplicate logs are a no-no!

-The Log Review Week runs from Thursday to Wednesday. If you send in a log
on Thursday, and then another the following Wednesday, they will both count
as being from the same week.

-The week for which a log can earn XP and pVotes is the week during which
you e-mail the log (regardless of when the scene actually took place). So
be prompt about submitting your logs!

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