Lightning Release Armor

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Lightning Release Armor (LRA) is the powerful Hidenjutsu of the Yotsuki
clan. It was created by Yotsuki Raiga and is only available to those
Yotsuki who have repeatedly proven themselves as trustworthy, capable, and
strong enough to survive the training. Lightning Release Armor shrouds a
Yotsuki warrior in a field of electrical energy that is simultaneously
offensive, defensive, and supplemental. It enhances the speed of its user
tremendously, amplifies Chakra output and durability, and can even stop
various attacks or be focused into a "blade" of Lightning Chakra that can
cut through a human body.

There are many requirements for Lightning Release Armor, both OOC and IC.
The IC requirements are that one be in extremely good standing with the
Yotsuki clan as a whole. Missing-Nin, Wanderers, and the like will never be
taught this Hidenjutsu. Loyalty is valued above all else. To this end, one
or more Staff-approved plots must be run that result in trust being earned
by the Yotsuki clan member. This is not an instantaneous process, and
running plots for the sole purpose of gaining trust is - while not illegal
- frowned upon. It should happen naturally as part of your character's
development and through his or her own IC actions.

The OOC requirements are as follows:

* 14 XP & 14 PP
* One A-rank Lightning Style Taijutsu Attack or Defense
* One A-rank Lightning Ninjutsu Attack or Defense
* One A-rank Taijutsu Attack or Defense
* Stamina of 8+

If the character meets the IC and OOC requirements, they must @mail
requesting Staff approval. If Staff approve the request, the
character acquires S-rank TF Lightning Release Armor. Upon acquiring
Lightning Release Armor, the S-rank Attack Lightning Armor Sharp, and the
S-rank Defense Lightning Armor Barrier become open to be applied for (they
must still be purchased, with normal S-rank costs). If you have any
questions about Lightning Release Armor, please contact Staff.

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