+news Maneshi

Village: General

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
Nin Cat — Higureneko or Atoneko (Custom D-rank Transformation)
Maneshi Senses (Skill)

Kekkei Genkai: Maneshi Senses

Despite the the small size of their village, Kusagakure's people are
skilled huntsmen, and none are more talented than the Maneshi. The Maneshi
keep companion cats of two species: the higureneko, and its slightly larger
cousin: the atoneko. The higureneko accompanies the hunters of the family
into the woods, an eye out for both danger and prey. The higureneko is the
more versatile of the two. Higureneko were originally an arboreal species,
but they are hardy and quick on the earth, and also display an affinity for
graceful water movement. They are aggressive, and will only attack if
cornered (or if their owner is in a life-threatening situation). The
atoneko are a bit bigger, and used to guard households. Unlike the
higureneko, who can be active at any hour, the atoneko are decidedly
nocturnal with only grudging activity during the day. They can be taught to
climb trees like their smaller cousins, and will sulkily endure water. The
atoneko are protective to the point of berserker psychosis, but like the
higureneko, they are not actively aggressive.

Like the Inuzuka, the Maneshi have - over the decades - acquired the
characteristics of their feline companions. They have sharper teeth, longer
nails, are able to act much like their felines. The Maneshi have heightened
senses. They can see in the dimmest of light, and their Chakra-enhanced
hearing can allow them to fight in total darkness.

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