+news Medic

Village: General

Trait Point Cost: 30

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Ninjutsu (Stat)
Medic Nin (Skill)
D-Rank Heal — New or Pre-Made (Skill)

Medical ninja are ninja who specialize in medical treatment and the use of
medical-oriented Jutsu. Becoming a Medic requires high Intelligence and
excellent Chakra control. Medics are trained to avoid getting injured in
any way, for the reason that if he or she is injured there would be no-one
to heal the other members of the team. Medics accompany other ninja on
high-ranking missions to increase the success rate of the mission and
overall survival rate of the squad.

The knowledge of a Medic can be used for a variety of purposes. For
example, an Inuzuka might be a veterinarian Medic that specializes in the
treatment of ninken (ninja dogs). Sunagakure's Medics are known to use
their medicinal knowledge to create deadly poisons. Chemistry,
pharmacology, biology, genetic engineering, human experimentation, and more
are all possible routes for a Medic to take. It all depends on the
individual's focus and goals.

Medics can be from any Village, or from no Village (Hidden Villages are
not the only ones who train Medical ninja, and a Medic can even be tutored
privately, or self-taught). There is no restriction to who can become a
Medic, though high Intelligence and excellent Chakra control are often
considered necessary.

The Medic clan receives an XP discount on all applied-for Medic Skills and
Medic-related Skills (based on the rank of the Skill). Whether a given
Skill count as a Medic Skill is ultimately decided by Skill Staff. The
discount is as follows: E-rank and D-rank Skills get a 1 XP reduction;
C-rank and B-rank Skills get a 2 XP reduction; A-rank and S-rank Skills get
a 3 XP reduction. This discount does not apply to Styles, nor to
Transformations, and PP discount is available. (Note: only members of the
Medic clan receive the XP discount; becoming a Medic ninja after CG does
not entitle the character to the XP discounts.)

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