+news Miira

Village: Sunagakure

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
Fire Manipulation (Skill)
Wind Manipulation (Skill)
Scorch Manipulation (Skill)

Kekkei Genkai: Scorch Manipulation

The Miira clan is presently a group of less than fifty related individuals
scattered over a large area. They have not had any specific loyalty to a
given country or Hidden Village, though they have worked for various
non-shinobi forces as mercenaries,as well as for rogue ninja groups who
have had need of additional firepower. At least one Miira clan member has
sided with a Hidden Village since the end of the Clan Wars, but he was
considered a villain and a traitor by the rest of his extended family. His
actions brought such shame upon the Miira clan that they decided they could
no longer allow themselves to exist purely as mercenaries. The demands of a
life lived solely for wealth, with no guarantee of a future or stable home
for future generations, convinced the Miira clan's most trusted members to
approach Sunagakure with the offer of their service in exchange for a place
of their own to live, work, and grow.

The Miira clan has no particular beliefs different from other ninja. Their
leadership structure is non-existent beyond the same squad structure
adopted by the ninja Villages. They do tend to have a high amount of trust
for fellow Miira in relation to thinking of and doing what is best for the
clan rather than the individual. This means that while they value their
identity as the Miira, they are willing to serve others if it will ensure
their survival. However, they are equally willing to take back their
support of an employer or leader who proves to be evil, insane, or
otherwise would do harm to the clan. Concepts such as honor have their
place amongst the Miira, but the good of the family comes before all else.

A Miira who refuses to aid another Miira in need, or who betrays the trust
the clan, is reviled as an abomination who will never again be accepted by
his or her extended family. If such a traitor is met by another Miira after
he or she is exiled in such a manner, the other Miira is honor-bound to
attempt to kill the betrayer, regardless of the difference in skill level.
Any exiled Miira with a shred of decency left will either flee or allow
himself or herself to be slain, rather than hurt or kill such a clan member
who is forced to attack.

Scorch Manipulation is a Combination Elemental Chakra Nature that is
produced via the Miira's clan's Kekkei Genkai to combine the Fire Chakra
Nature and the Wind Chakra Nature and form a new element as a result. The
Scorch Chakra Nature has the properties of rapidly evaporating even
significant amounts of water, drying out materials, and dehydrating
creatures and people. Scorch Manipulation is an extreme heat that does not
burn. At its highest levels, it can remove all moisture from the jutsu
caster's enemies in a sort of fast-acting mummification process. It is from
this that the name of the clan is derived.

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