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Mind-Body Switch techniques are the hidenjutsu of the Yamanaka Clan. They
allow the user to take over the body of their targets, with improved skill
and accuracy at higher levels.
Any Mind-Body Switch technique, if it hits, allows the user to dictate his
victim's coded combat actions until the Yamanaka is either forced out, or the
user voluntarily terminates the jutsu. Each round, ONCE per round, the
possessed victim may attempt to use '+chakra-surge *' to break free. If
successful, the victim may act on his or her own again. This costs the victim
and the Yamanaka 400 chakra.
Different levels of the technique allow for improved and better control of
the target. Not all techniques will have all of the characteristics outlined
below, this is simply what is POSSIBLE at that rank. See individual skills
for details.

D-Rank: Chakra is suppressed at this level. Only techniques that the
Yamanaka knows, or techniques which require no special knowledge or
experience to use, may be dictated to be used. Thus if an Uchiha already had
Sharingan activated, the Yamanaka might benefit from its effects, but if not,
he or she could not activate it him or herself. This level travels solely in
a straight line, and is slow to return to the user's body on a miss, leaving
them vulnerable. The user may only defend with Tense while this technique is
active, may not attack, and any wounds the victim gains must be mirrored on
the user's body via +rpwound.

C-Rank: This level has many of the same limitations and benefits as D-Rank,
except as noted. Chakra is only partially suppressed, and delving part way
into the victim's surface memories is possible at this level. This ANY
taijutsu technique the victim knows, and any ninjutsu technique up to D-Rank,
may be dictated used in the coded combat. Wounds still transfer, it may still
only travel in a straight line, but does so faster, decreasing the time it
takes the user's mind to return to their body when the jutsu misses.

Continued in +news Mind-Body2.

For information about the Yamanaka Clan itself, please see +news Yamanaka.

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+news Mind-Body2

B-Rank: At this level, the Yamanaka may overtake an opponent's body WITHOUT
losing consciousness in his or her own. Thus, the jutsu caster may defend
himself or herself properly — though he or she still may not attack from his
or her own body. The Yamanaka may use any technique the victim possesses due
to no chakra suppression occurring. The "will" of the victim is simply
disconnected from his or her body and replaced by the Yamanaka's. Wounds
incurred by the victim's body no longer transfer to the Yamanaka's own body.
Also, the user gains the ability to possess inanimate objects, such as
puppets, and even trap their opponents within such objects by switching out
of the puppet into them. However, this 'true' possession via inanimate object
leaves the user's body vulnerable just like lower levels of the technique,
and once a Yamanaka inhabits an actual body wounds will transfer from victim
to jutsu-caster.

A-Rank: At A-Rank, techniques which do not rely on 'true' possession may
begin to affect multiple targets, but the amount of control is diminished
with each victim controlled. At one victim, the Yamanaka has full control,
with no restrictions. Wounds do not transfer, even if the Yamanaka is within
the body of the target. At two victims, the Yamanaka can not be within the
body of one of the targets, and it operates exactly as it does at B-Rank. At
three victims, each operates at the C-Rank level, and D-Rank for four
victims. Four is the absolute cap at this level.

S-Rank: S-Ranks are on a case-by-case basis, as this is where 'mainstream'
Yamanaka techniques will end. The applicant will work with skill staff to
determine what their S-Ranks will do.

For a general explanation of Mind-Body techniques and the D-Rank and C-Rank
versions of the technique, please read +news Mind-Body.

For information about the Yamanaka Clan itself, please see +news Yamanaka.

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