Mission Rules

+news MissionRules

Rule 1 - In order for a group to take on a mission, the mission must consist
of 1 Supervisor (Chuunin or Jounin) and 2-3 Team Members. If the Supervisor
is a Jounin, one or more of the team members can be a Genin, Chuunin or
Jounin. If the Supervisor is a Chuunin, the team members may be Chuunin or
Genin. The mission can only be requested by the Mission Supervisor.

Rule 1 (Addendum) : In addition to normal leadership guidelines, experienced
and high ranking genin (having at least 4 stats at 5 or above) may request
permission to run D ranked missions.

B Rank Missions and higher require at least 4 team members (Jounin/Chuunin +
3). The 3 team members can be of any ranks, you should consider whether it
makes IC sense for a Genin to be on a mission with an A or S rank opponent.

Rule 2 - You can only receive the xp bonus for one mission a week. You should
not do more than a mission a week as a player, but as a mission leader feel
free to run as many as you like! Other limitations may be imposed based on
the results of the mission (you were seriously injured, etc.) This is to make
sure people are actually RPing and not just rushing to do as many missions as

Every Monday is a new Mission Week.

Rule 3 - Vote Rewards are applied after the Mission has been approved in the
log group. For information on the log group check '+news wiki'. Plot staff
might apply vote rewards on the spot if they emitted the mission, or
witnessed it while it was going on.

Rule 4 - As a clarification of point 1, the mission team does not need to be
your permanent team. It simply needs to follow the structure detailed in that
point. Also, particularly difficult or non-standard missions might be exempt
of this requirement, as they might need more people to complete. If in doubt,
just @mail +plot and ask.

Mission Approvals

Rule 5 - A chuunin may approve themselves for any D or C rank mission, and
assume they have the village backing for it. D rank missions have little
physical danger, and C rank missions are ones with potentially dangerous
opponents who are not ninja. A jounin may approve themselves for missions up
to B rank. B rank missions may have ninja as opponents, but do not threaten
the security of the nations or the hidden villages. A and S rank missions
involve opponents like powerful ninja, summoned beasts, or perhaps even
entire nations. If a chuunin wishes to run a D or C rank mission, or a jounin
wishes to run a D, C, or B rank mission, all they need to do is @mail +plot
and notify us that they're running the mission. Any player may request a A or
S ranked mission, but they must be approved by the plot team.

Finally, this is an ever evolving system. So we might tweak it as we go
forward depending on how we see it performing. We might allow more missions
per week, for example or things of that nature. If there are changes to these
guidelines, they will be modified on the news file and players will be let


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