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Missing Nin are ninja who have abandoned their Hidden Village, and - as
such - can be ninja of any rank. These ninja are considered traitors to
their village, and are often hunted down because of the secrets they may
hold. Villages create special units of hunter ninja to investigate and
track down Missing Nin, although it's unlikely that every Missing Nin has a
team of hunters chasing them.

Some Missing Nin scratch a line through the village logo on their forehead
protectors, to symbolize independence from their former village.

Examples of Missing Nin include Orochimaru, the Akatsuki, Uchiha Sasuke,
and Momochi Zabuza.

To be a Missing Nin, a character must choose a normal rank (Student, Genin,
Chuunin) in CharGen, and then provide explanation for Missing Nin status in
their background. Or, Missing Nin status may be acquired through IC events
in game.

* There are no penalties for being a Missing Nin.

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