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In the Naruto series, missions are the means by which both Hidden Villages
and individual ninja make a living. Customers approach a Hidden Village and
formally arrange to have a mission completed in exchange for money. The
Village then assigns one or more of their ninja to complete the mission,
and the ninja involved are paid a portion of the mission fee upon
successful completion. Sometimes the customer is the Village itself, in the
case of matters of security or other interests of a given Hidden Village.
Residents of a Hidden Village also frequently hire ninja to complete tasks
for them, though these usually will be more along the lines of what one
might consider "chores" or "quality of life"-type aid.

On Naruto MUSH: Rivalry 2.0, missions are much the same ICly. Your
characters are doing missions for monetary rewards, to benefit their
Village, or both. However, as players, the main OOC reasons to engage in
mission scenes are for the greater log rewards provided for RP logs of
missions and for the ease of explaining why one or more ninja are grouped
together on an adventure, or to perform a joint task (catching a cat,
mowing a lawn, escorting a civilian, hunting down a criminal, or
potentially right up to infiltrating an enemy Hidden Village, among other
things!). Of course, there is also the fun of RP to be considered. It's
much more likely that one will enjoy a mission one is performing with one's
friends than just a momentary mention of a lawn mowed as why you are in the
area while other people are doing their own scene or activities.

What follows is a guide to the various Mission Ranks so that one knows what
kind of trouble one is likely to get into when taking on a given mission!

Continued in +news MissionGuide.

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