+news Murasame

Village: Iwagakure

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
Earth Manipulation (Skill)
Fire Manipulation (Skill)
Metal Manipulation (Skill)

Kekkei Genkai: Metal Manipulation

The Murasame clan hails from the Land of Earth, where they have been
steadfast supporters of Iwagakure since its inception. While the Murasame
as a whole recognize the various figures of authority within Iwagakure, the
clan rules itself by hierarchy, placing those with the most power, talent,
and experience at the top (while lower members are looked down upon or even
disowned if the individual is considered too weak). Despite their influence
in Iwagakure and the Land of Earth, there are several other clans that
rival, or even surpass, the Murasame. This, however, does not stop the clan
from attempting to accumulate more power.

As mentioned, weak members of the Murasame are looked upon with
disappointment and - in the extreme case - may be disowned by the clan.
Should a member be judged as too weak to be of value, the clan elders brand
the feeble individual with a Cursed Seal which nullifies the Kekkei Genkai
by severing the individual's ability to generate the required Chakra
elements simultaneously. On the other hand, the finest members of their
clan are granted the clan title of Kyuuseishu ("savior"), and are revered
by the other Murasame. Upon death, these honored members are buried in a
shrine-like family cemetery and prayed to for guidance. Like the Hyuga,
each Murasame clan member has a Cursed Seal placed upon them at a young age
(usually around the age of four or five) which seals the Kekkei Genkai upon
the individual's death.

Each member of the Murasame is born possessing Haneton (Metal
Manipulation), the clan's Kekkei Genkai. How the Murasame create these
unique jutsi is similar to how Haku and the First Hokage create ice and
wood jutsu, respectively. With this Kekkei Genkai, a highly skilled
Murasame clan member can create all manner of tools and structures with the
right jutsu, in addition to a healthy range of more combat-oriented

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