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Naruto MUSH: Rivalry 2.0 - Naming Policy

On NMR 2.0 we have policies concerning character names. Please abide by these for the convenience of all members of the community. It is really less of a hassle if we are all working from the same 'rule sheet', so to speak.

1. Names should generally be Japanese in flavor and sound. They do not need to be actual names that would commonly be found in Japan, but they should be spelled using Japanese sounds. Since this is an English-speaking MUSH, this means using transliteration of Japanese sounds into Roman characters, or Romaji. See for a listing of possible sounds. We do have a couple of allowances. First, an L may be substituted for an R, for example Luffi instead of Ruffi. Second, a vowel sound may be dropped from the end of a name if it's intended to be hushed, for example Ryuk instead of Ryuku.

If all that sounds too complicated for you, you can always just find a proper Japanese name. See as a starting point to search for a Japanese name.

2. Do not name your character object after a canon character. Names of 'filler' characters (those that appear in story arcs or episodes of the anime that are not present in the manga, as well as movie character names that do not exist within the continuity of the manga/anime) are easier to justify and allow, but even then it would be best to ask Staff first. If the filler character is a one-scene or relatively unimportant individual, then the name is likely to be approved for your use. You can always search Narutopedia to see if the name you want is already taken!

Link to the Naruto Wikia:

3. Please do not change your character bit's name after approval without asking Staff first. You should also have a good reason why you need to change your OOC name instead of just using @emit to pose an alias/disguise, or what-have-you. Remember, what your character calls himself or herself ICly can be different from what your character >object< is called… Within reason. If the disguise/nickname/whatever is something you intend to keep long-term, at least making a note in your +finger will help people realize who the person is that is posing with that disguise's name, as they might not otherwise be able to figure that out when no one in the room OOCly has that name. ;)

For more information on customizing your +finger, please see this help file: +help +finger_fields

If there are any questions, please contact Staff.

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