+news Nara

Village: Konohagakure

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Ninjutsu (Stat)
+1 Seals (Stat)
Shadow Manipulation (Skill)

Hidenjutsu: Shadow Manipulation

Little is known about the clan, but it seems that the clan members live
very laid-back and calm lives. They are also renowned for their strategic
intelligence, and also for the fact they tend the Rikumaru (deer which
graze in the forest of the Nara). The Nara clan is most comfortable at
attacking within the darkness, because they have the power to control
The Nara also have a special relationship with the Akimichi and the
Yamanaka clans. For several generations, members of these three families
have formed a fighting trio, in which each of their Hidenjutsu strengths
are highlighted and complemented by the other's. To strengthen the unity
between these three clans, a member of the Sarutobi will give each member
of the trio special earrings to wear when they are promoted to Chuunin
(after which they will swear their oaths of loyalty to one another). The
earrings also symbolize the passage into adulthood.

The Nara have the ability to control and use their own shadows - and the
shadows of others - to their advantage. By harnessing the power of shadows,
the Nara can control their enemies, or strangle them with inhuman strength.
However, shadows aren't found everywhere. Because of this, the Nara can't
solely rely on their Hidenjutsu. They also need to be able to use their
brains to devise a strategy. Shadows can be bent, twisted, and moved in any
direction, but their downfall is that they move incredibly slow when the
sun is high in the sky.

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