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Nejigan - the Kekkei Genkai of the Yamayuki clan of Kumogakure - has four

* Ichi Nejigan (+transform/show nejigan-i) gives the user a slight increase
to their spatial awareness, and therefore their agility and accuracy. it
also gives them a sonar overlay to their normal vision, that covers up to
one half of their normal visual range.

* Ni Nejigan (+transform/show nejigan-ii) enhances the users' brain's
ability to process the new visual signals they are receiving, heightening
their spatial awareness further, and therefore further enhancing their
agility and accuracy. It allows their sonar overlay to extend to the full
range of their vision, and allows them to perceive and manipulate much
finer and smaller frequencies.

* San Nejigan (+transform/show nejigan-iii) allows for their sonar overlay
to cover more than just what they can see, extending completely around the
ninja, through even solids and liquids.

* Shi Nejigan (+transform/show nejigan-iv) is the most powerful form of the
Transformation, and manifests in a three-armed spiral in the user's eye.
This allows the Yamayuki member to have extremely finely tuned sound
perception, to the point of being able to detect and manipulate the
resonant frequencies in objects, so they are able to shatter many materials
by creating an opposing frequency. Their agility and accuracy are at near
superhuman levels, as they are able to detect even the smallest vibration
over one and a half times their normal visual range.

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