+news Newbie

Welcome to NarutoMUSH!

Here are a few quick tips to help you on your way.

* You can check out the commands that are available to all players with

* You can see what's happening on NarutoMUSH by checking the bulletin board
system: +help bb.

* Also, there's always somebody who will be willing to answer any questions
you might have on the Newbie or Public channels. Feel free to talk on them
using +public Hello! or +newbie Hello!.

* Finally, the +staff/all command will list all current Staff members, who
are always willing to help.

Before You Apply:
+news Theme
+news Setting
+news rules
+news names
+news chatrules
+news ranks
+news stats
After You Have Been Approved:
+news experiencepoints
+news jutsu
+news applications
+news rping
+news current
+news travel
+news harassment

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