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Naruto MUSH: Rivalry has been around for a LONG time. The current
incarnation of this MUSH (considered 2.0 by many of the staff and players)
was opened in Febuary (or March) of 2010. This new system pulls from many
of the ideas of coders of old (whom I haven't even met) with the ideas and
work of staff over the ages. Many elements of the original system created
by Asyrsen are still present, but others such as Asako, Dante, Valkyrie,
Reality, and Gnome have all made significant contributions to our code. The
original Combat Manual was created by Shinigami, and now, I (Tonberry) use
his work to provide a starting point to a new edition for 2.0.

If you feel that there are topics missed out in the manual or not
explained thoroughly, send your feedback VIA @mail to Tonberry (@mail Gilgamesh) and possible
amendments will be made. That said, happy reading. Below are a table of
contents which explains the full process of the combat system:


Villages Konohagakure - Sunagakure - Kirigakure - Kumogakure - Iwagakure - Other
Countries Land of Fire - Land of Wind - Land of Water - Land of Lightning - Land of Earth - Other
Other Characters - Jutsu - Narutography - Diplomacy - Factions
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