+news Nogakujin

Village: Custom

Trait Point Cost: 30

Starting Bonuses:

+1 Taijutsu (Stat) OR +1 Ninjutsu (Stat)
Fan Taijutsu (Skill) Mystic Noh Style (Skill)
Mystic Noh Style (Skill) Shadow Play Genjutsu (Skill)
Genzai no Omote I (Transformation) Mugen no Omote I (Transformation)

Hidenjutsu: Mystic Noh

The Nogakujin's origins lie not in warfare, but in theater. As stage craft
over the ages became more refined, select individuals became renowned for
their skill and their ability to seamlessly merge into the roles of their
characters. These individuals who displayed this ability to enter a state
of "no mind" - this ability to inhabit a role so flawlessly - were
recruited by an organization that sought to catalogue the myriad Noh plays,
and to cultivate a school for Noh actors, so that the beauty of the plays
could be brought to the height of humanity. This organization became known
as the Nogakujin.

However, the Nogakujin's purpose became clouded when the Clan Wars began,
disrupting this period of enlightenment, forcing the Nogakujin to
temporarily abandon their goals. Many were forced to turn into beggars or
street performers. But a core of Nogakujin retained their convictions, and
determined that they must learn how to acclimate to new situations as well
as retain the traditions of Noh. Thus, they began training in secret as
ninja. Developing unique Hidenjutsu based on their skills, the Nogakujin
began using their abilities to act as spies, saboteurs, and assassins.

Eventually, the Clan Wars ended with the formation of the Hidden Villages.
The Nogakujin had learned adaptability during the Clan Wars, and though
their view of the world was have been forever changed by their experiences
in war, the clan was able to return to pursuing perfect beauty and
enlightenment through the stage arts (while continuing to refine their
ninja arts).

Every member of the Nogakujin clan is given a Mystic Noh-men mask, which
has special properties. It is created through a ritual that involves
fasting for three days and then entering a meditative state in which the
Nogakujin seeks out the spirit of either a deceased family member or
another to whom the individual has a close connection. If the spirit feels
the need is justified, that spirit will grant his or her blessing to the
Nogakujin, causing the Mystic Noh-men to become filled with the energy of
the spirit. Generally speaking, no one can use a Mystic Noh-men except for
the one whom it was blessed for.

The two Nogakujin paths available are: Genzai, and Mugen. In Noh plays,
"Genzai no" are about everyday or realistic events and people in the real
world; "Mugen no" are about ghosts, spirits, monsters, and supernatural
worlds. Thus, "Genzai no Omote" are masks that empower in the ways of the
firm and the real. Conversely, "Mugen no Omote" are masks that empower in
the ways of the mystical and supernatural.

The Mystic Noh-men user must also choice between two choices of mask use.
The user may - instead of improving a single mask - create new, different
masks (+news nohmaskstyles). Or the user may - instead of creating new,
different masks - improve a single mask (+news nohmasktfs). In order to
adopt one of those paths, the other path must be sacrificed (i.e. only one

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