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Each mask other than the Mystic Noh-men is classified as a Style. A
Nogakujin can swap masks swiftly, but generally only once per round. The
basic Mystic Noh-men can be left on when another mask is active.

- If a Nogakujin has a Speed Stat of five or less, he or she may use two
different masks (Styles) per round (this includes Defenses, and takes into
account the mask that was in place the prior round).

- At a Speed Stat of six, a mask can be swapped twice per round, thus
allowing for a potential of three Styles to be used in a single round.

- If a Nogakujin has a Speed Stat of eight or higher, masks can be swapped
three times per round, allowing for a potential of four Styles to be used
in a single round. This means is that the types of skills available per
round are limited to how many times the Nogakujin is able to switch masks.

For Example: if a Nogakujin with a Speed Stat of five has a Genjutsu Style
mask in place at the end of the previous round, and then is attacked by an
enemy in the current round, he or she could either Defend against those
Attacks with Genjutsu from that specific Style, or he or she could switch
to a different mask, and use the new Style to defend using different
techniques. If the character opts to change masks, the act of using Skills
from the different Style counts as swapping masks, and would need to ICly
occur. Also, it would use up the single mask swap action. It would restrict
all further Skills within that round to Skills in the Style of the Mask
that was swapped to. No other mask (Style) could be used within that round.
However, if the Nogakujin uses the original mask's Genjutsu Defenses, he or
she could still swap masks once during his or her turn for Attacks or
Transformations or any other purpose.

(Note: A Nogakujin must actually be wearing his or her Mask ICly to make
use of that Mask's skills. However, with a Seals Stat of six or higher, it
becomes possible to make use of a Mask simply by touching it or holding it
in hand for the duration of a given Jutsu. This does not negate the
limitation on the number of Mask Styles that can be used per round. It
simply allows them to be used more swiftly.)

* A unique Nogakujin Style that is applied for by one Nogakujin cannot be
learned by a different Nogakujin without personal instruction.

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