NPC Application

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To apply for an NPC, @mail Gilgamesh with the following application. Please
answer all the questions, and do not alter the application in any way.

NPC Application:

1. What is the name of the NPC?

2. Is this a new NPC? (If no, you may skip any fields for attributes of the
NPC that have not changed from last use.)

3. Describe the NPC's history:

4. Describe the NPC's abilities (an overview):

5. Give an overview of the plot or campaign which the NPC will take part in
(detail the role the NPC with play):

6. Explain why the part to be played by the NPC requires a coded charbit,
as opposed to simply creating the characters through RP:

7. Are there specific characters who are expected to take part in this plot
or campaign? If so, who?

* NPC Applications are reviewed at the Staff's earliest convenience. You
will be @mailed regarding their decision. Please be patient.

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