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Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are characters created for a particular plot
or campaign. Despite the name, NPCs are - in fact - represented by players
of NarutoMUSH. The differences between NPCs and PCs are that NPCs are
created with a set of skills and Stats which a PC could not normally start
with; NPCs cannot grow stronger by spending XP or PP; and NPCs exist only
for a particular plot or campaign (though they may return later if their
involvement is required).

NPC permissions are not assigned lightly. Receiving use of an NPC requires:

-An outline of the proposed plot or campaign.

-A thorough description of the NPCs history and abilities.

-The confidence and trust of Staff.

* To apply for an NPC, please see +news npcapplication. However, before
applying, please make sure you actually require an NPC. NPCs exist
primarily to allow for coded combat. If your plot or campaign can be
accomplished without the need for a punching bag, please simply create
whatever characters you need through RP.

Note: though NPCs cannot use XP or PP, any rewards for playing as an NPC
(votes, logs, etc.) are directed towards a character of the player's
choosing. It is the player's responsibility to ask other players to vote
for a particular character rather than the NPC, and to note which character
should receive XP for a submitted log. An NPC may be used in a scene which
involves another of the player's characters, but - in this case - the
character involved in the scene will be rewarded as normal, whilst the NPC
will earn no reward. Playing an NPC does not increase the maximum amount of
reward a player can earn per week (for example, submitting a log for a
character, and a log for an NPC crediting that same character, will receive
reward for only one of those logs).

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