Player Rights

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Player Rights

General Acceptable Use Policy

For Players, Staff, and Visitors, this is a place to:

1. Gather for the purpose of Role-Playing and Storytelling in the stated
theme and setting. Thereby contributing to and taking pleasure from a
collaborative work of fiction.
2. Discuss topics of interest to the Naruto Mush: Rivalry community on the
public OOC forums, including bulletin boards, com channels, and OOC areas.
Thereby broadening your perspective.
3. Build and maintain cordial Out-Of-Character relationships with members of
the community, while respecting individual personal boundaries. Thereby
keeping the human element in what is largely an anonymous virtual experience.

Player Rights and Responsibilities

As a player on this MUSH, you are entitled to certain rights, and you also
have obligations. Should these items prove offensive to you, you are
encouraged to discuss them with a staffer, as it is your responsibility to
acknowledge them. You the Player have the right to.

1. Fair and courteous dealings and judgment from the MUSH staff. If you
believe that a Staffer is abusing you or treating you unfairly, you may
contact Clary, Tonberry, or Gnome on this matter. Confidentiality between
yourself and the Wiz on this matter shall be kept, if requested.
2. Courteous treatment from other players in an OOC manner. Being abused
OOCly or harassed through pages, email, @mail, or in another manner should be
brought to the attention of staff.
3. Discretion upon whether or not to participate in certain types of RP.
However this does not mean you can duck IC Consequences.

As a player, you also have the obligation to…

1. Maintain courteous relations with staff. Abusive or belligerent conduct
will not be tolerated. As Staffers are servicing the MUSH on a purely
volunteer basis, common courtesy and patience are expected.
2. Remain aware of the difference between IC actions, and OOC ones. Just
because a character treats yours badly, it does not mean that the person
playing that character also does not like you.
3. Respect other players and their RP preferences during unsupervised play.
Otherwise, you may be acting in a manner that leads to disciplinary action.
4. Try to keep OOC knowledge from affecting the way your character behaves.
If you use OOC knowledge in an IC manner and other players object, they have
the right to 'retcon' the incident, thus, rule that it never happened.

Final Notes: Hacking into the system or becoming a frequent problem will
result in your termination from this game, and a siteban on your connection.
Contrary to popular belief, the staff ARE aware of your connecting address,
and can ban all of your alts.

Remain considerate of your fellow players and the staff, and your experience
here should work out well.

These rights and responsibilities apply to all players, no matter how long
they have played at Naruto Mush: Rivalry.


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