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+news PreMadeApp

This +news file explains how a Pre-Made Skill Application should be filled
out. A character may apply for as many pre-made skills as they have XP and
PP to spend. Pre-made skills are the skills listed in +attack/list,
+defense/list, +skill/list, +transform/list, +heal/list, and +cure/list.
There is NO limit to the number of pre-made skills which may be applied for
in any given week. You must, however, still have the prerequisite Skills
and Styles on your +sheet that are required by the skill you are applying

Please use +news premadetemplate for a clean template to work from. To
apply for an original skill, please see +news skillapplication.

Note: though the number of pre-made skills that can be applied for is
essentially limitless, you may apply for only ONE pre-made skill per @mail.
Please do not apply for multiple pre-made skills in a single @mail.

(Continued in +news premadeapp2.)

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+news PreMadeApp2

Pre-Made Skill Application:

1. Skill Name: please make sure the skill name is spelled correctly.

2. Skill Type: What type of skill is this? IE,
Attack/Defense/Skill/Transform/Heal/Cure/Style. Different type copies of a
skill must be apped separately.

3. Skill Rank: make sure to check the skill's rank before applying for it.

4. XP Amount: Taught By/XP Amount: Is this a skill granted in CharGen? How
much XP/PP are you spending on this skill? If you are part of a clan that
receives a discount such as Med Nin or Uzumaki, be sure to list it in this
section, else you'll be charged the normal amount

5. Prerequisite Skills: is there another Skill or Style required for this
skill? If you HAVE the required Skill(s) or Style, list them here. Please
make sure you have all the necessary requirements on your +sheet BEFORE

6. Learned From: if this skill is not considered General, who gave you
permission to learn it? Did you learn it by RP, or just by permission? If the
Author is a specific character, then you MUST have the Author's permission to
apply for this skill. Please note that Sharingan Copying CAN allow for the
application of non-General skills WITHOUT Author permission, but you are
still highly encourage to ask anyway. Sharingan Copying is also subject to
requests from Staff requiring a log that clearly demonstrates the
skill-in-question being copied.

7. Special Notes: Was this learned in a plot, or is this anything else
special that was required for you to get this skill that we should know
about? This would include plots for summoning, becoming a Sensor or Medic
Nin, etc. If so, include the links to the logs for that plot here.

See Also:
+news skillapplication
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