Pre-Made Template

+news PreMadeTemplate

Please do NOT alter this template in ANY way other than to provide answers to
the questions. This means leaving the numbering intact, the full questions
intact, the order of the questions intact, and even questions that do not
apply intact (if a question does not apply to your skill, please write N/A in
the appropriate field). Thank you.

For an explanation of how to properly fill out this application, see +news
premadeapp. For original skills, see +news skillapplication.

* When finished, please @mail MagiMaster2 (or MM2) your completed Pre-Made
Skill Application.

Pre-Made Skill Application:

1. Skill Name:
2. Skill Type:
3. Skill Rank:
4. XP Amount:
5. Prerequisite Skills:
6. Learned From:
7. Special Notes:

See Also:
+news skillapplication
+news premadeapp
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