+news Rankoro

Village: General

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Ninjutsu (Stat)
+1 Seals (Stat)
Elemental Calligraphy Ninjutsu Style: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, or
Lightning (Skill)

Hidenjutsu: Elemental Calligraphy

The Rankoro clan originated in the Tree Country. They were clan that was
kept secret from the other villages for the work that they were doing. The
clan itself prided itself on the specialties that it had, being namely:
Seal and Scroll Calligraphy. With this knowledge and unprecedented skill,
the Rankoro forged a new meaning for the use of both beyond simply using
them for mundane things like explosive tags and basic item storage.

Aside from general use in helping with the citizens of the Tree Country,
combative uses were eventually studied. Harnessing Chakra, the Rankoro were
able to store Jutsu in scrolls and seals. The research continued. It was
some years, however, before their studies and research paid off.

The ability of Elemental Calligraphy is an ability that allows a Rankoro
to write seals that harness and manipulate the Chakra of the user to allow
the use of various elements in the form of seals. For example, to write the
seal on the ground, and be able to use an Earth Jutsu. Or write the seal
down on a scroll to create stored Jutsu that could be used later. In
essence, Elemental Calligraphy grants a shinobi possible access to all
elements. However, this ability makes it so that the Rankoro member cannot
manipulate any elemental nature without the use of scrolls or seals.

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