+news Reizei

Village: Kumogakure

Trait Point Cost: 30

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Taijutsu (Stat)
+1 Speed (Stat)
Kenjutsu (Skill) OR Weapon-Specific Taijutsu (Skill)

Hidenjutsu: Reizei Blur Transformations

The Reizei are a very old fashioned aristocratic clan, modeling themselves
in much the same way as the Hyuga of Konohagakure. There is a core main
family, who learn all the secret techniques of the clan. Then there are the
retainers — the descendants of the children who did not inherit the
Hidenjutsu. They may not be able to learn the final techniques, but they
are still quite respected amongst the ninja of the Village, and dedicate
themselves to defending their clan and their Village.

When the Saito rose from 'common' ninja to the powerful role of royal
guards for the Raikage, the Reizei felt there was a reason for resentment
of the other clan. They do not understand how an obviously more powerful
and more qualified clan - and one with a Hidenjutsu, as well - could be
passed over for the respected role of protecting the Raikage himself. This
lead to a rivalry between the Reizei and Saito, which most Reizei took
quite seriously, and which many take seriously to this day.

Loyalty is the Reizei mantra: to Village and clan above all else. They
dedicate themselves, like many of their Village, to the usage of a weapon,
almost to the exclusion of all else. The main family is rather arrogant:
they are nobility, and they know it. They expect their scions to be
leaders; those who don't pass the Chuunin exam the first time are shunned.
The branch is little better: they serve one of the great houses and are
quite proud of this. It is their honor to protect them.

Those of the main line specialize in one thing: the sword. The most
skilled of this line are able to move, draw, cut, and sheathe their blade
so fast the eye simply cannot follow. This is the influence of their
Hidenjutsu. They see this fighting style as being akin to the fury of a
storm, battering their enemies with other means, and then suddenly striking
like lightning.

The clan's branch line tends to use whatever weapons they wish, though
they often gravitate towards spears and kusarigama. Iaido is still a common
practice, as it is considered important for developing the mind and
reflexes. However, not being restricted by a single weapon style like the
main family, the retainers often develop creative applications of their
sudden bursts of speed for whatever weapon they specialize in, leading them
to be amongst the more dangerous ninja in the Village. The clan considers
missile weapons such as bows, kunai, and shuriken to be a separate entity
entirety from melee weapons, and they will train with them regardless of
their branch.

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