+news Retirement

Every once in a rare while, a character reaches a point where they've
accomplished the purpose for which they were created. Maybe they've played
out their main story, or they've achieved the level of Stats and Skills
they envisioned, and perhaps now feel as though their time (and XP) would
be better spent developing new ventures. While a player could kill off an
old character in an epic death plot (+news death), maybe a violent end
doesn't suit this character.

This is where character retirement comes in. A retired character becomes an
NPC (+news npcs), which means they're unable to grow any further in terms
of Stats and Skills. They can still be RP'd with, use their existing
Skills, and direct any credit received towards other characters. Plus, a
character that is a retired character no longer counts towards alt limits
(+news alts). Also, 25% of a retiring character's Total XP and all of their
unspent PP can be applied to a new character (however: no giving boosts to
existing characters).

(Note: a retired character cannot later be used - by dying - to give death
credit to another character. No exceptions.)

However, we do understand that sometimes a new character does not work out.
If, within 60 days of playing the character that received the retirement
XP, it's realized that the character is not working out, there are two

* The original retired character may be brought out of retirement.

* A second new character may be created to inherit the retirement XP.

This emergency escape may only be used once. A character brought out of
retirement may never enter retirement again. If a second new character
doesn't work out, the retirement XP may not be transferred to a third. In
each of these cases, the first character that received the retirement XP
will be nuked, and no percent of the XP that character earned will be

-> To retire a character: @mail Gilgamesh to notify Staff of your
character's intent to retire. A character must have a significant history
on the MUSH to be retired.

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