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This application if for players who wish to create custom rooms. A custom
room can be an apartment or house in a Village; a secret cave in the
wilderness; or perhaps a restaurant or bar or even a candy store. The
imagination is the only limit when applying for a custom room. Please note,
however, that simply because you apply for the room does not necessarily
mean you will get the room.

Note: certain rooms may have XP costs. Room Applications are considered on
a case-by-case basis, so the costs vary.

* When completed, please @mail Gilgamesh with the finished application.

Room Application:

1. Location of Room:

2. Reason for Room:

3. Exit name into room:

4. Exit name to leave room:

5. Room description:

6. Additional Comments:

Your application will be considered, and you will be informed of the result.

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