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Rules For Running Missions:

Anyone can run a mission. However, generally only Chuunin or higher can LEAD
a mission. D-Rank missions can be lead by a Genin, however, in the event no
Chuunin or higher are available. Leading a mission means being the IC leader
of a team. That leader is the authority figure, move and shaker, head honcho,
etcetera. However, the person RUNNING a mission is the one who determines
what the mission is about and what challenges are faced, and so forth. He or
she can emit enemies, allies, or whatever else is appropriate for the scene.

With permission or simply notifying Staff, a Genin can lead missions higher
than D-Rank. There is no Rank restriction on RUNNING a mission. Academy
Students generally do not go on 'true' missions unless it is an emergency.
School assignments that resemble low-level missions are perfectly fine.

NOTE: You can send in as many logs as you want each week. However, you will
only receive credit for your best log. It does not matter which log you sent
in when, you will only get credit for the best log for the week that you sent
one or more logs in.

Rules For Running Plots:

Anyone can run a plot. Plots do not require approval except in the case of
plots to obtain the Summoning Technique. In the event that your plot will
significantly alter an entire Village, country, or other large region —
especially for a long period of time — it is requested that you NOTIFY Staff
of what you are doing, just so that we know what plots are being run where
and by whom.

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