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There are several rules which every character on NarutoMUSH must abide by.
Players who break these rules may be banned.

* It is a privilege to play here, not a right.

* Respect players and Staff alike.

* Adhere to Staff rulings and directions. If you, the player, feel a ruling
or interaction was unfair or improper, log and timestamp the supposed
transgression. If necessary, politely ask the Head Wizard for their ruling
on the matter (which constitutes an appeal). Any rulings by the Head Wizard
may not be appealed.

* ICA = ICC (In Character Actions equal In Character Consequences)

* Killing another player's character is 99% of the time by player consent
ONLY. Even if reduced to zero Health, the character is considered only
grievously harmed. The only exceptions are certain MUSH-wide or Staff-run
plots, in which participants will be informed in advance that participation
equals death consent; and/or if the declining of death consent is a way of
getting out of IC consequences based on a character's IC actions. In such a
case as the latter, Staff will deliberate on the matter and provide a
ruling. (You may be asked to give death consent for some plots at the
request of a scene-runner or GM, but simply being in a plot is never equal
to giving death consent, except when ICA = ICC.)

* Every player has the right to let their character 'Fade To Black' if they
feel that a scene, or the subject matter of a scene, is outside their
comfort zone as a player. The only exception to this is, again, if it is
being used to avoid the IC consequences of a character's IC actions.

* Out Of Character (OOC) information is strictly out of character, and in
no way should be used to influence a character's In Character (IC) actions,
or is to be used as IC information.

* Having two or more alts in the same room, roleplaying, and all receiving
votes is absolutely never allowed under any circumstance. Spoofing your alts
in a scene but not receiving votes. This is not allowed at any time except
under special and extreme circumstances that will generally require staff
approval. You should never roleplay your alts in a typical social setting,
nor should your alts have an intimate knowledge of one another even if they
are residing in the same village.

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