+news Saito

Village: Kumogakure

Trait Point Cost: 20

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Taijutsu (Stat)
+1 Ninjutsu (Stat)

The Saito clan has, from the very beginning, been devoted to protecting
others. Specifically, they have served a companion role to other families
or individuals who served as leaders to the community. Before Kumogakure
even existed, the Saito were there, acting as guardians, and to ensure
safety for the people. Once the Kage were established, and the first
Raikage came to power, the Saito clan was granted the role of royal guards
- the Senshi - for the Raikage. They act as elite protectors at home, and
sometimes special operative shinobi abroad.

The older and more experienced a Saito clan member is, the higher the
amount of respect and authority he or she is given. Even if a teenager was
a Jounin, within the Saito he or she would be treated like a Genin. Only by
showing the wisdom of experience can one hope to progress within the clan
in terms of authority.

The Saito tend to prefer either straight Taijutsu (with or without a
weapon), or a mix of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. A Senshi is provided with
training in Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, and Ninjutsu, and is expected to learn
other skills considered "basic" for a royal guard before they are
authorized for duty. This intensive training determines who is fit to be a
Senshi, and who is not. Failing the Senshi qualification exams is often a
matter of personal and familial shame for those who do not make it through
the tests. Thus, not all Saito attempt to become Senshi, as the
consequences of failure may outweigh the perceived benefit. If the Saito
clan member successfully passes the Senshi qualification exam, they earn a
Murakumou Sword, and have the special rank of Senshi. For more information
on the Senshi, please see +news senshi.

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