+news Sarutobi

Village: Konohagakure

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Stamina (Stat)
Fire Manipulation (Skill)
Option of Ninjutsu/Genjutsu/Taijutsu Style of user's choice (Skill)
1 D Rank Fire Jutsu (Skill)


The Sarutobi clan is an influential clan from Konohagakure. It
consistently produces strong and effective members who take high and
influential positions within the village. Additionally they are famed for
their membership in the Twelve Guardian Ninja. All known members have also
been observed devotees of the Will of Fire. After Konohagakure's formation
following the Warring States Period, the Sarutobi were amongst the first
set of clans to ally themselves with the Senju and Uchiha-founded village,
Not much is known of this clan but, in order to strengthen the unity
between the Akimichi, Nara, and Yamanaka clans, it has become tradition for
them to cooperate in teams more often than not. Forging strong inter-clan


The Sarutobi are famous for their high willpower, and exceptionally
strong shinobi. All members of the Sarutobi clan have displayed some form
of mastery over the Fire Release. The members of this clan seem to be able
to easily master high-level techniques. In addition, the Sarutobi have
developed their own unique line of jutsu within the fire release. Ash
manipulation, which allows them to spew out ash from their mouth, which can
be ignited afterwards.

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