+new Sasaki

Village: Sunagakure

Trait Point Cost: 20

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Ninjutsu (Stat)
Path of Earth (Skill)


+1 Ninjutsu (Stat)
Path of Wind (Skill)

Kekkei Genkai: Sky Manipulation / Land Manipulation

The Sasaki clan is an old family that has been loyally serving the
Kazekage since the creation of Sunagakure. The roots of the clan, however,
can be traced further back — to a pair of highly skilled siblings, Takeo
and Takeshi. Both were well known for their skills as survival experts and

Takeo spent his life focusing on mastering the arts associated with the
Wind Element (the Path of Wind), whilst his brother Takeshi did the same
but with the Earth Element (the Path of Earth). Over time, the two brothers
developed a rivalry that threatened to tear apart the Sasaki. The brothers
and their allies kept accusing each other of trying to steal their
respective work and secrets. In order to protect the family, the clan
elders developed a special seal: the Seal of Paths. The Seal was placed on
the children of both Takeo and Takeshi. The intention was for the children
of a given Path to be forever blocked from using any abilities associated
with the other Path. It was the hope of the elders that by doing this, the
fighting would cease.

Over the years, the two family branches have continued to feud, trying to
gain control of the clan. An Elder Council, composed of six members,
continues to rule over the clan. The Council is roughly split when it comes
to its members being from a single given Path. However, the balance is
constantly shifting, reflecting in a way the changing nature of the desert
and sands that serve as home. Every two years, high-ranking members of both
families are allowed to challenge an elder for position in the Council.
With the founding of Sunagakure, the Sasaki finally have a unifying goal,
and both branches claim to be equally loyal to the Kazekage (yet not even
this is enough to end the internal strife that plagues the clan). It should
be noted that although members of both Paths are equally loyal to
Sunagakure, and tend to be willing to put aside their differences in order
to serve the Kazekage and protect the Village, it doesnt take a lot for old
blood feuds to come to the surface. Needless to say, members of opposite
Paths don't like each other much.

Members of the Sasaki belong to one of two branches: the Path of Wind, or
the Path of Earth. When children born into the Clan reach five years of
age, they participate in a ceremony that both branches of the family
perform. The ceremony, of course, is Path specific, but the end result is
the same. During this ceremony, a seal is placed on the child that makes it
so that when the child dies, those that aren't members of the participant's
family branch are unable to gather any of its secret techniques from the
corpse. In addition, the Seal of Paths is placed on the child locking the
child's ability to access the affinity of the other family's Path. It is
believed that the Path opposite of what one is born with an affinity for is
sealed forever, but some whisper of it being possible to break the Seal.

Additionally, members of a particular Path gain certain advantages: Path
of Earth followers gain the Powerful Skill Mod for Earth-based Ninjutsu
Attacks; Path of Wind followers gain the Tricky Skill Mod for Wind-based
Ninjutsu Attacks (that is, adding one of these Skill Mods does not count
against the total number of Skill Mods for the Attack).

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