+news Sasoriendai

In order to access the different levels of Sasoriendai, the clan member
must have developed certain aspects of themselves. The Stat requirements
listed below do not give the Shippodoku the Transformation automatically;
it is simply the minimum requirement to learn the Transformation.

* The Sasoriendai TFs cost the same as normals TFs as listed in +news skillcosts.

Sasoriendai I (+transform/show sasoriendai-i)
For the first level of Sasoriendai, a clan member must have a Speed and
Stamina of 4. At this level, the Shippodoku gains stronger muscle tone
(giving the clan member more dexterity and strength), and better

Sasoriendai II (+transform/show sasoriendai-ii)
For the second level of Sasoriendai, a clan member must have a Speed and
Stamina score of 5. At this level, the individual develops more muscle
tone, as well as a scorpion tail. This Transformation increases stamina,
strength, and continues to enhance the indvidual's ability to perform
complicated Taijutsu.

Sasoriendai III (+transform/show sasoriendai-iii)
For the third level of Sasoriendai, a clan member must have a Speed and
Stamina of 6. The clan member develops all the traits from the previous
Transformations, as well hardened skin. They also grows four extra arms.
The physical areas increased are the same as for the second level, only
further improved.

Sasoriendai IV (+transform/show sasoriendai-iv)
The final level of Sasoriendai completes the transformation of the ninja
into a demonic scorpion form, now more insect than humanoid. It requires a
Stamina and Speed of 7.

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