+news Seishukuni

Village: Custom

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
Earth Manipulation (Skill)

Kekkei Genkai: Crystal Manipulation

The Seishukuni are a clan of people who live in a cave near the village of
Sunagakure. The cave they live in is deep underground, and there they have
created a secret village called Missetsu. Very few people know of its
existence, and even fewer people visit. However, their wares are known all
over. The merchants and traders of the Missetsu often set out to sell their
wares to other villages. However, the trade business was not as fruitful as
the Seishukuni liked, thus they also farmed what they could underground.
However, the underground cave system only had limited land to begin with,
and - to make matters worse - the Seishukuni's crops began to die.
Researchers were assigned to find the cause of the sudden change, and what
they discovered changed the Seishukuni.

The researchers discovered crystalline structures that had been growing
beneath the ground, choking off the roots of the crops. While it would take
many years, and the Seishukuni would struggle the time, eventually a person
would come along with the ability to control these crystals, and the
Seishukuni would forever be known for their Crystal Manipulation. When news
of this power reached Sunagakure, an alliance was quickly penned between
the village and the Seishukuni. In exchange for supplies, the Seishukuni
provide shinobi to the Village.

Crystal Manipulation can not be used to crystallize the flesh of animal
life (including humans). However, it can be used to crystallize most other
forms of solid material. Even air and water. Plants can also be
crystalized. Just not people or fleshy animals.

(Note: unlocking Crystal Manipulation requires three D-rank Earth Ninjutsu.
This will allow for the application of D-rank and E-rank Crystal Jutsu.
When the ninja has three D-rank Crystal Ninjutsu, then C-Rank Crystal
Ninjutsu are unlocked, at which point it requires only two C-rank Crystal
Ninjutsu and one C-rank Ninjutsu to advance to B-rank, and so on and so
forth. D-rank and E-rank Crystal Jutsu will have the Earth element rather
than the Combination element. C-rank and above Crystal Jutsu will have the
Combination element.)

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