+news Senju

Village: Konohagakure

Trait Point Cost: 35

Starting Bonuses:

+1 Ninjutsu (Stat)
+1 Stamina (Stat)
Primary Elemental Manipulation (Lightning, Water, Earth, Fire, or Wind)
Access to 1 Advanced Element Manipulation of the Primary Element Chosen

The Senju clan was considered the strongest clan in the world during the
war-torn era before the founding of the Hidden Villages. Together with
their rivals - the Uchiha - the Senju were responsible for founding
Konohagakure and making the village into what it is today. Whereas other
clans focused on mastering one particular skill, the Senju were masters of
all skills. Because of this, they were feared as "the clan with a thousand

However, in a world of constant bloodshed, Hashiramako - the leader of the
Senju clan - had a dream of peace, and of great love for her fellow people.
Known as the "Will of Fire", this belief made the Senju clan propose a
truce with the Uchiha. Weary of fighting, and persuaded by Hashiramako's
great charisma and negotiation abilities, the Uchiha accepted the
proposition, ending the bloody rivalry. Only one - Uchiha Madara - was
against this truce, believing that the Senju would one day destroy the
Uchiha clan. He was forced to accept the entente, but his humiliation never

Some time after the alliance between the Senju and the Uchiha was
officially recognized, the Land of Fire hired both clans to stabilize its
borders, and so the clans created a permanent settlement within the
country. The Hyuga clan was the third founding ninja force, and then came
the Nara, Inuzuka, Akimichi, and Aburame families. Thus, Konohagakure was
founded, and with it the system of one Hidden Village per country. As the
system spread throughout the world, the constant violence stopped, and
Hashirama's dream seemed to be on the verge of reality. Konoha grew again,
as the Senju sealed alliances with Kadomai, and its Yamanaka and Satonezu
families. But old rivalries would soon start anew after Hashirama was
elected as the First Hokage; a move Madara to be a second humiliation.
Madara was excommunicated, but returned to attack Konohagakure. Madara was
defeated at the battle of the Valley of the End, and since that time the
Senju have continued to be the stewards of Konoha, leading the village as
best they can into peace.

While the Senju are known for their versatility, they are also known for
the mastery they are able to develop over their techniques. Once a Senju
has earned an A-rank jutsu, they may apply for an Advanced Elemental
Manipulation. This has the same cost as applying for Chakra Shaping, and
this mastery allows the character to apply for unique jutsu that they
personally develop which has effects as if it were a combination element.
This Advanced Elemental Manipulation is a unique Style (some previous
examples include Wave Manipulation and Sand Manipulation).

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