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Senjutsu (Sage Mode) refers to a specialized field of Jutsu that allows the
user to sense and even gather surrounding natural energy. Senjutsu
practitioners learn to draw the energy of nature inside of themselves,
blending it with their own Chakra, resulting in the creation of Senjutsu
Chakra. This specialized Chakra cannot be seen by anyone other than those
who have been trained in Senjutsu.

This new blend of Chakra enables the user to enter an empowered state: Sage
Mode. A person who is able to use Senjutsu is called a Sage. Sage Mode is
shown on the canon Naruto series in several ways and forms. Here on
NarutoMUSH, only a single form of Sage Mode is permitted: Imperfect Sage
Mode. This form of Sage Mode is that the user must merge in some way with
one of his Summons. For more information on Imperfect Sage Mode, please see
+news ism.

(Note: Perfect Sage Mode is simply not achievable at this time.)

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