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Senshi are the Royal Guard of Kumogakure's Raikage, chosen from talented
members of the Saito clan. Becoming a Senshi requires learning a certain
set of standard skills and then passing the Senshi qualification exams
(which will be administered by Staff or the Raikage). It should be noted
that a character cannot be Senshi directly from CharGen.

Genjutsu Kai, Body Flicker Technique, Body Flicker Strike, an Elemental
Manipulation of choice, and a C-Rank Taijutsu Defense are all provided by
Senshi training. They must be applied for as normal, but the teacher can be
an assumed NPC (of course, the teacher may also be a PC). In order to learn
Senshi-specific techniques with the Murakumou Sword, or any other Kenjutsu
of C-Rank or higher, the "Senshi Kenjutsu" Style must be applied for. The
Murakumou Sword that all Senshi are provided with upon passing the Senshi
exams is a high-quality wakizashi made of special Chakra metal. Chakra
metal allows the wielder of the sword to infuse the weapon with an element
(for example, creating a flaming sword). This means that a Senshi does not
need a specific elemental Taijutsu Style to support these techniques.
However, as prerequisites, each elemental Taijutsu technique in the Senshi
Kenjutsu style requires one Ninjutsu technique of the same element, and one
Taijutsu technique, both the same rank as the technique being. For example,
you must know one C-rank Lightning Ninjutsu and one C-rank Taijutsu in
order to learn a C-rank Lightning Senshi Kenjutsu technique.

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