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Shikotsumyaku is the Kekkei Genkai of the Kaguya clan. It gives them the
ability to manipulate their own skeletal structures. By infusing their
calcium with Chakra, the Kaguya are able to manipulate their bones as they
wish. The ability - even amongst the Kaguya - is considered rare.

The main capability of the Shikotsumyaku is in allowing the user to freely
manipulate the growth of their bones. This allows them to create weapons of
bone that can protrude from the body, or which can detached entirely; they
can fire pieces of bone as long-range projectiles; and, eventually, they
can even cause giant bones to jut from the earth. Any bone that is removed
from the skeleton immediately regenerates, as does the skin that is damaged
when the bone is removed. Users can increase the density of the created
bones, making them stronger than steel. This not only makes the
bone-weapons powerful, but also makes the Kaguya's body virtually
indestructible. (Note: this does not mean that a Kaguya cannot be hurt.
They can still bleed. They can still be crushed. They can still be dropped
from great heights and go splat. They take combat damage as equally as
anyone else. But their bones CAN be regrown almost immediately. Be
reasonable with this.)

Most of the Shikotsumyaku techniques are named after flowers. Many of them
are also Taijutsu-based sword dances (which are used for both attack and
defense). As demonstrated in the canon, the Kaguya bones can also be forced
to grow from the ground, as a form of Ninjutsu, and the user can disappear
and reappear through the bones.

On NarutoMUSH, Shikotsumyaku is one of the ultimate forms of Taijutsu. It
is as powerful in attack and defense as a combination element (+news elements).
Each dance acts as a Transformation (TF), giving bonuses to
stats. Each dance also allows the Kaguya individual to later apply for an
Attack or a Defense that matches the TF in rank.

(Continued in +news shikot2.)

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+news Shikot2

Dance of the Camellia — D-rank — 4 XP & 4 PP
(+transform/show dance-of-the-camellia)
This TF modifies the humerus of either the right or left arm of the Kaguya
individual, allowing them to create a short, hilt-less bone sword (which is
detached from the arm). This bone sword can be made harder than steel.

Dance of the Willow — C-rank — 2 XP & 2 PP
(+transform/show dance-of-the-willow)
This TF allows the Kaguya to grow several long bone-blades from the palms,
the elbows, the knees, or the shoulders (which stay attached to the body).
This dance form is incredibly acrobatic, and utilizes spins, charges, and
sweeping slashes to make the most effective strikes.

Dance of the Larch — B-rank — 3 XP & 3 PP
(+transform/show dance-of-the-larch)
The Dance of the Larch creates a mass of razor-sharp bone spikes, which
protrude from all over the body. These spikes appear to be branches of
pre-existing skeleton (mather than completely new bones). All Kaguya can
use these bones extemporaneously, and they are often used to block or trap
an opponent's strikes.

Dance of the Clematis — A-rank — 6 XP & 6 PP
(+transform/show dance-of-the-clematis)
This dance creates a massive production of new bone, and can restructure
the Kaguya's entire skeletal system. The Kaguya individual can modify and
removey their entire spinal column, using the weapon like a flexible chain

Dance of the Seedling Fern — S-rank — 10 XP & 10 PP
The final Kaguya dance. This TF also the Kaguya to apply for Attacks and
Defenses whereby the user can cause a forest of giant bones to erupt from
the earth. The Kaguya individual is able to move freely from bone to bone,
adding a considerable element of surprise.

(Note: each rank of Transformation unlocks that rank of bone-based Attacks
and Defenses. Players must gain the appropriate rank in the TF chain prior
to applying for that rank of bone-based Attacks or Defenses.

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