+news Shimizu

Village: Kirigakure

Trait Point Cost: 30

Starting Bonuses:
+1 STA (stat)
Blood Release (skill)
Minor Regeneration (skill)

Kekkei Genkai: Blood Release

Originating within the Land of Water, long before Kirigakure was ever
established, the Shimizu clan was simply known as a clan of healers and
apothecaries. For years they secretly used their blood to heal others under
the guise of salves, tonics, and potions. It wasn't until Shimizu Harou,
second leader of the clan, began to experiment with his blood and that of his
clan's that their true abilities were discovered. Harou was not only the
clan's leader at the time but also a brilliant scientist. He set out to
discover the secrets of the clan's blood and what he found out was that each
cell that his body produced was laden with chakra. This chakra enriched blood
is what gave his clan their unique ability to heal themselves and others.
However with further study in conjunction with his own talents as a ninja,
especially in the area of water manipulation, Harou learned that his clan
also possessed the innate ability to manipulate their blood. Through study
and practice Harou perfected the clan's Kekkei Genkei of Blood Release and
it's discovery led to the clan being able to become part of Kirigakure.

When Kirigakure was founded the Shimizu clan offered their healing services,
which were accepted within the village. They kept their Kekkei Genkei a
secret to everyone not of the clan, mainly due to the varying levels of
dislike for ninja with Kekkei Genkei, as a precaution. Instead they continued
under the guise of healers and filled a niche within the village. During the
times of peace, or what could best be described as peace in Kirigakure, the
Shimizu clan perfected their arts and when it came time for battle they could
be seen healing the injured and offering aid. It was rare to see a Shimizu on
the battlefield fighting, but it happened every now and again. As Harou's
time ended, and leadership changed, so did the clan's views on their
abilities. During Shimizu Yumi's reign as leader of the clan it was made
public knowledge that the Shimizu blood was a curative, and therefore the
clan as a whole hid less from their village, but still the knowledge of their
Kekkei Genkei was held back. Yumi, during this time, also began to teacher
some individuals within the clan how to offensively use their Kekkei Genkei.
Yumi was only an average healer, and instead had went out on the battlefield
in her youth. She feared for her clan being so passive and so she, along with
others, began to use their Kekkei Genkei in new ways.

Years later Yumi would meet her death during a mission and during this time a
new leader was picked. Shimizu Eiichi was the great grandson of Shimizu Harou
and he led the clan into a new era within Kirigakure. Unlike Yumi, Eiichi
approached the Mizukage and let it be known of the clan's Kekkei Genkei. The
clan was put under watch, mainly due to the fact they held their secret for
so long, but due to their invaluable role they filled within the village they
were soon allowed to continue on with their lives. Even though they suffered
no punishment the clan knew their actions were being watched closely. Some of
the members began to look elsewhere to create and raise families, however
each birth of new life outside of the clan resulted in the Kekkei Genkei
being passed on. It was so strong within the blood that no matter who sired a
child they were frequently born with the ability. Within Kirigakure a few of
the Shimizu began to enroll their children within the Academy, in hopes of
strengthening their ties to the village, but even so their actions continued
to be watched.

Continued in +news Shimizu2

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+news Shimizu2


Blood Release
The abilities held by the Shimizu fall within two categories. The first is
the natural composition of their blood. Each member of the Shimizu clan is
born with chakra enriched blood cells. Every blood cell is laden with chakra
and because of that their blood has natural curative and rejuvenative
effects. Also every member of the Shimizu clan is born with type O blood. As
far back as their history goes no member was ever born with any other blood
type, though this only goes to aid their primary usage of their blood which
is healing. Another passive trait of their blood is that it replicates itself
at an accelerated rate. Even with a steady loss of blood any member of the
Shimizu clan is capable of continuing on due to it's bodies natural ability
to reproduce red blood cells to replenish any that are used. Also any
children born of the Shimizu bloodline, whether their bloodline comes from
their father or mother, may be born with their clans Kekkei Genkei.

The more active side of their Kekkei Genkei is that of Blood Release. Every
Shimizu to some degree is able to perceive and manipulate their blood to
varying degrees. An average Shimizu is capable of manipulating their blood to
seal wounds closed or transfuse it through other's bodies to purify toxins
and heal them. Others have been shown to go further and regenerate tissue and
organs and stabilize people on the brink of death with the curative
properties of their blood. In recent years, since the time of Shimizu Yumi,
others have begun to manipulate their blood in more offensive ways. Basic
abilities such as blood projectiles or constructs are common. Some have
learned to use their blood as ways to track others, perceiving their own
blood from miles away after using it on their targets. The use of their blood
as a transmission agent for Genjutsu has also come to light and used in
numerous situations. Even though their Kekkei Genkei is varied in it's use
one things holds certain, a Shimizu can only manipulate their blood or spilt
blood which has been mixed with their own. They have no ability to manipulate
the blood flowing in living beings or animals as it lacks the unique chakra
enriched state of their own.

An odd side effect of the strength of the Kekkei Genkei within the clan is
that since Shimizu Harou no other Shimizu has been capable of utilizing any
elemental manipulations. The Kekkei Genkei is so entwined within their blood
that it prevents any chakra affinity from manifesting. Even within the
earliest days of the clan once its members began to use Blood Release their
own elemental manipulations waned and became inaccessible. Shimizu Harou lost
his own water manipulation shortly after learning of his clan's potential. If
a Shimizu is tested for chakra affinity the chakra paper will simply not
react. Some see this as a price they must pay for their abilities, others see
it as a curse. But while elemental Ninjutsu are out of their reach Taijutsu
and Genjutsu are still readily accessible to the members of the Shimizu clan.

The Blood Release skill allows a character to apply for ninjutsu attacks,
defenses, as well as heals and cures, and also grants access to the
regeneration line of self heals. Learning to use Genjutsu or Taijutsu with
Blood Release will require an additional Skill by any Shimizu who wishes to
delve into those possible aspects of the Blood Release Kekkei Genkai.

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