+news Shirayuki

Village: Kirigakure

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
Water Manipulation (Skill)
Wind Manipulation (Skill)
Ice Manipulation (Skill)

Kekkei Genkai: Ice Manipulation

Depending on who you ask in Kirigakure, the Shirayuki clan is either a
very old clan, or a fairly recently-established family in the Land of
Water. The source of this disagreement has much to do with their name:
Shirayuki is a name which has only been used for three or so generations;
before that, the clan was known as the Ooburi. The Ooburi clan, as it
happens, were a long-established bloodline who had been rigidly faithful
since the days of the first daimyo of the Land of Water.

Since before the founding of the Village Hidden in Mist, the Ooburi made
their place of hereditary rulership a small island just off the coast of
the mainland of the country. It was called the Seastone Isle, from where
the Ooburi ruled as pirate lords. They were noted for their proficiency
with the sail and till, as well as for their ability to command the waves
as they pleased. They were never a wealthy clan, but they were highly
honored for loyalty, and for repeatedly proving themselves on the

As it happens, a little over a century ago, one of the heirs to this great
family was away pursuing a war in the daimyo's name: a brief and bloody
skirmish with the Wind country over some disputed territory near the Island
of Tea. It was at this conflict that the young noble, Ooburi Wajiro, fell
in love with the enemy commander, who was named Sasaki Kogoe. In the last
days of the war, the collective forces of both sides were nearly
obliterated by the battle which raged between the Kogoe and Wajiro, and
when each was too tired to continue, they collapsed into one another's arms.

The resulting bastard - a boy called Hyoukai - was raised in secret in the
village hidden in the snow. Eventually, hunter nin were able to track down
Wajiro and Kogoe and reclaim their bodies for their respective villages.
The boy, however, escaped this wrath, and grew up strong and vengeful, as
well as powerful in a new way. By taking Wind Manipulation from his mother,
and Water Manipulation from his father, Hyoukai was able to create and
control a new element: Ice. Hyoukai took on the name Shirayuki ("White
Snow"), and returned to the Land of Water to claim what he saw as his
hereditary right: the head chair of Seastone Isle.

After a brief struggle, Hyoukai managed to wrest control of the isle from
those who had taken control. He raised up a mighty castle made of ice, and
settled down to make his own bloodline powerful and respected. Shirayuki
blood is now broadly disseminated throughout the clan. The clan, which is
fairly small, continues to exist quietly on Seastone Isle, where the
leadership of the clan is determined by a combination of hereditary rule
and by rite of might. The traditional head of the clan, the Prince of Snow,
is the first son of the previous prince, tracing back to Hyoukai himself.
However, a council of advisors rules jointly with the prince: advisors who
must earn their seat. The whole clan is strictly hierarchical, and styles
itself as an aristocracy.

The Shirayuki have the Kekkei Genkai of being able to control ice and
snow. They have such abilities as being able to create giant spikes of ice,
building a protective ice dome, or - as Haku demonstrated - to produce
myriad mirrors of ice.

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