Skill Application

+news Skillapplication

This +news file explains how a Skill Application should be filled out.
Please use +news skillapptemplate for a clean template to work from.

This Skill Application is for original or canonical (from the series)
skills not yet made. If you wish to apply for a skill that is already on
the grid (+attack/list, +defense/list, +skill/list, +transform/list,
+heal/list, +cure/list), please use +news premadeapp.

Note: though the number of original skills that can be applied for is
essentially limitless, you may apply for only ONE original skill per @mail.
Please do not apply for multiple original skills in a single @mail.

(Continued in +news skillapp2.)

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+news SkillApp2

Skill Application:

1. Original Skill: is this a skill that appears in the Naruto anime or
manga, or is it one you made yourself? If the skill is from the manga or
anime, please match it as closely to the source material as possible.
Please provide references (known users, episodes, etc.) so that the skill
can be researched if necessary.

2. Skill Name: please use the English name of the skill. If the skill
contains Japanese words that are easily recognizable (shuriken, katana,
Taijutsu, etc.), then their use is permissible. If the name of the skill
unnecessarily long, shorten it to a reasonable length. The full name of the
skill can be included in the skill description.

3. Skill Type: Attack/Defense/Style/Skill/Transform/Heal/Cure: list which
skill type this skill falls under. If it falls under multiple types (due to
skill mods granting multiple parts), list ALL the skill types in this field
(i.e. Body Flicker II would be Attack and Defense, not just Attack or just

4. Jutsu Type: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, or Genjutsu

5. Skill Rank: E, D, C, B, A, or S

6. Element: what element is associated with this skill (if any)? The
possible elements are Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, or Combination.

7. Damage Types: list all damage types that apply - Blunt, Sharp, Chakra,
Psi, Fire, Ice, Water, Wind, Lightning, Poison, Acid, Earth, Shadow,
Insect, Smoke, Seal, Sound, and Stealth.

8. Skill Modifiers: please list all modifiers that apply, within the limits
of the skill's rank. Please do not make up skill mods that are not listed
in +news skillmods. Please do not ask for mods that you do not have mod
slots for (even if you think it "makes sense"). If this skill is a
Transformation, please list the desired Stats to be changed in this field.

(Continued in +news skillapp3.)

(Updated by Nunchuk on: Thu Aug 01 10:58:32 2013)

+news SkillApp3

9. Skill Description: detailed description of your skill and the mechanics
for its execution and damage. Do NOT put your name in the description. Do
NOT state what Stats you wish for a skill to roll off of. Instead, describe
how the skill functions. The Stat rolls will be determined based on this
explanation (and common sense). For Transformations: please ensure that the
description for a Transformation matches the Stats being requested (a TF
which grants larger muscles would not raise Intelligence, for example).

10. Japanese Translation: this field is optional. If no translation is
desired, simple put N/A.

11. Style Recommendations: what Style does this skill fall under? If it
falls under multiple Styles, please list them all. Also, please note that
if a skill requires a specific Style, and you do not have that Style, you
will not receive the skill.

12. Taught By/XP Pool: were you taught this skill ICly? Did you teach it to
yourself? Is this a skill granted in CharGen? Are you using
Available/Earned XP, or Transfer XP?

13. Prerequisite Skills: is there another Skill or Style required for this
skill? If you HAVE the required Skill(s) or Style, list them here. Please
make sure you have all the necessary requirements on your +sheet BEFORE

14. Suggested Stats: what Stats would you like considered for dice rolls
(Hit, Dam, etc.)? For Transforms, please list the Stats you wish modified.

15. Special Notes: anything else you'd like to discuss or be considered in
the Skill Application.

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