+news SkillCosts

Skills (Attacks, Defenses, Skills, Cures, Heals)

* Please make sure you have all the necessary Style Recommendations and
skill prerequisites (+news skillprereqs) on your +sheet before applying for
a particular skill.

You May Not Accrue XP/PP Debt When Purchasing Skills!

E-rank: 2 XP
D-rank: 4 XP
C-rank: 6 XP
B-rank: 8 XP
A-rank: 16 XP
S-rank: 20+ XP & 2 PP (case-by-case basis)

Special Skills

Chakra Absorption Technique: 8 XP
Chakra Absorption Technique allows for a character to apply the Chakra
Drain mod and/or the Chakra Leech mod to Skills of the appropriate rank
which would normally NOT possess the ability to drain or absorb Chakra.

One-Handed Seals: 8 XP
One-Handed Seals are for using two elemental Ninjutsu attacks in tandem.
These are NOT combination elements. The user is simply using a single
element on each hand. For example, a wave of water heated using fire to
create a boiling tidal wave would be accomplished with One-Handed Seals. It
can also serve to maintain a Jutsu while casting another (such as defending
one's self while simultaneously using the defense to heal an ally). The
uses vary. Please discuss with Staff what you will be using this Skill for
BEFORE applying for it.

Shadow Clones: 12 XP plus appropriate RP learning (logs required)
Shadow Clones consists of four unique skills: the Shadow Clone attack, the
Shadow Clone defense, the Shadow Clone stealth attack, and the Shadow Clone
Skill for maintaining Shadow Clones over an extended period of time.

(Continued in +news skillcosts2.)

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+news SkillCosts2


-1st Taijutsu, Ninjutsu (General), Ninjutsu (Element), or Genjutsu Style:
4 XP

-2nd Taijutsu, Ninjutsu (General), Ninjutsu (Element), or Genjutsu Style:
4 XP & 1 PP

-3rd Taijutsu, Ninjutsu (General), Ninjutsu (Element), or Genjutsu Style:
4 XP & 2 PP

-4th+ Taijutsu, Ninjutsu (General), Ninjutsu (Element), or Genjutsu Style:
4 XP & 3 PP

Note: a character only has to pay the added cost for additional Styles when
purchasing Styles of the same Jutsu type. For example, gaining your second
Taijutsu Style would cost 4 XP & 1 PP; but having a Taijutsu Style and
gaining a Ninjutsu Style would cost only 4 XP.

-Chakra Shaping: 2 XP & 2 PP

-Becoming a Medic Ninja: 4 XP & 4 PP plus appropriate RP learning (logs are

-Becoming a Sensory Ninja: 8 XP plus appropriate RP learning (logs are

-Chakra Optimization: 2 XP & 2 PP plus appropriate Skills

(Continued in +news skillcosts3.)

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+news SkillCosts3


* Several transformations (TFs) do not abide by this cost structure. See
+news sharingan, +news shikot, +news kugutsu, or +news chakragates for
details on those uniques TF costs.

D-rank: 1 XP & 1 PP
C-rank: 2 XP & 2 PP
B-rank: 3 XP & 3 PP
A-rank: 6 XP & 6 PP
S-rank: 10+ XP & 10+ PP (case-by-case basis)

-E-rank TFs which LOWER one Stat: 2 XP.

-Rank+ TFs (see +news transformations) cost additional XP & PP once the
initial TF has been acquired. Contact staff BEFORE applying for Rank+ TFs.


* These costs refer to Summons that are created as extra playable
characters. Summons that are TFs typically follow standard TF costs. See
+news summons for more detail.

1st D-rank: 4 XP & 4 PP (establishes Summoning contract)
2nd+ D-rank: 1 XP & 1 PP
C-rank: 3 XP & 3 PP
B-rank: 5 XP & 5 PP
A-rank: 8 XP & 8 PP
S-rank: 12 XP & 12 PP

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