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Some might not need this file, and some however are very grateful for this
file. This small news file contains a detailed list of what can everything go
into an attack, defense and transformation (ability). This can aid you in use
with your skill application and allow the Skill Wizard to create the attack
perfectly to your liking. First off, the fields in attacks are as followed:

AP Cost: How much AP it costs.
AP Area: How much AP it costs for an area attack (More than one player)
Counter: How much AP for a counter against an attack
Charge: Is the attack chargeable with Chakra
Combine: Can this attack be combined with other of the same type
Damage Type: List the damage types found in the attack (Blunt Sharp Chakra
Psi Fire Ice Water Air Electricity Poison Acid Earth Shadow Insect)
Energy Drain: How much energy is absorbed from opponent on successful attack.
Prerequisites: What skills or stats are required to learn this jutsu
Energy Absorb: How much energy you absorb from a target
Round Stun: The target, if hit will be stunned for X amount of rounds.
Attack Stun: The target, if hit, will be stunned until hit by X amount of
Damage factors and roll factors: We all know this, it's our stats and how
they relate in a skill. Which stat rolls with the attack, str, chakra etc.
and if hit, what of the target will the attack damage? con, end, spd etc.

AP: How much it costs to roll
Energy: How much energy it costs
Damage Type: Which damage types is it good against (the list above)
Roll Factors: What you, the character use to roll the defense. Chakra, speed,
Prerequisites: What skills or stats are required to learn this jutsu

Transformations (Abilities):
AP: How much AP (stamina) it costs to activate
Energy: How much energy it costs to activate
HP Mod: How the ability mods your Hitpoints per action (Positive or Negative)
Energy Mod: How the ability mods your energy per action (Positive or negative)
Prerequisites: What skills or stats are required to learn this jutsu
Mod: Which stats etc and by which amount the transformation increases your
character by until you +revert.

Keep in mind that this is just an informative document to help you and the
Skill Wizard to sort out the attack, if you suggest X amount in X skill and
it is decided against; There is a logical explanation to it (Too strong, not
enough votes, or it simply looks like godmoding).


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