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Skill Modifiers (Skill Mods) are modifications a character can add to a
skill that will allow the skill to do more than just basic damage. Skill
Mods work by rank, so that the modifications applied for (number eight on
+news skillapplication) are congruent with, or below, the rank of the
Jutsu. That means: you cannot apply for a C-rank Jutsu with B-rank Skill
Mods, etc.; but you may apply for a C-rank Jutsu with C-rank and D-rank
Skill Mods, etc. (Note: there are NO benefits in applying for a Skill
without modifications.)

+news skillmods-d At D-rank, a Jutsu may take one Skill Mod.
Mod Name Description
Area of Effect (AoE) Can target multiple opponents. At D-rank, only non-healing Ninjutsu may take this mod. Increases Stamina cost by 3x.
Attack Stun Stuns the opponent. At D-rank, does no damage. See +news cmstuns for more information.
Chakra Drain Subtracts Chakra from an opponent. Scales with rank.
Chakra Heal At D-rank, Chakra Heal cannot also restore Health. This mod allows a Heal skill to restore Chakra. The amount of Chakra restored scales with the rank of the Heal.
Counter Defends against an attack by countering it. Does damage. At D-rank, only Ninjutsu and Taijutsu may take this mod.
Damage Resistance Reduces damage taken. Scales with rank.
Poison Damage over time. Starts at two combat rounds for D-rank, each rank higher adding an additional combat round. Puppeteers may apply for Poison mod at E-rank.
Powerful Sacrifices accuracy for damage.
Stamina Drain Subtracts Stamina from an opponent. Scales with rank.
Stamina Heal At D-rank, Stamina Heals cannot also restore Health. This mod allows a Heal skill to restore Stamina. The amount of Stamina restored scales with the rank of the Heal. Stamina Heals can only be used on other people, not on the person using the Heal. It is ILLEGAL to use a Stamina Heal on yourself.
Tricky Sacrifices damage for accuracy.
Versatile Defense Defends against MOST Damage Types that are reasonable for the applied-for Defense. This Skill Mod is required to have more than seven Damage Types on a Defense.
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