Skill Rules

+news SkillRules

This +news file is a compendium of all the necessary skill rules.

* Original and Pre-Made Skills (those on grid) have NO limit to the number
which may be applied for each week. (+news premadeapp)

* BEFORE applying for a Skill, make sure you meet the Skill's
prerequisites. This includes both Style Recommendation and standard
prerequisites. In general, all Skills C-rank and above require three
similar Skills of a rank below. For example, a B-rank Lightning Ninjutsu
technique would require two C-rank Lightning Ninjutsu techniques plus one
C-rank General (or Lightning) Ninjutsu technique. See +news skillprereqs
for more information.

* If you are applying for a Skill based on a clan's Starting Bonus or a
CharGen Merit, you do NOT have to meet the standard prerequisites for the

* Stats may be increased so long as you have the necessary XP (+news stattiers). You may apply for Stats as often as you like (+news statapp),
no matter if you submitted a Skill Application or Pre-made Skill

* If you learn a Skill from another player, please apply for the skill
AFTER you have RPed learning the Skill.

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