Staff Rights

+news StaffRights

All staffers have the following rights.

1) To courteous dealings with players and staff.
2) To freedom from paging/harassment when DARK.
3) To remove players from the game who are disruptive, unduly offensive, or
overly (forgive the term) 'twinkish'.
4) To choose not to handle scenes, TPs, or administration for players with
whom they experience irreconcilable personality conflicts. One is, of course,
encouraged to try and resolve these disputes.
5) To arbitration of disputes among staff or players.
6) To create and use official NPC characters for use in furthering TPs and
general roleplay.
7) To create and use official PCs, under the same regulations and
restrictions as a regular player.
8) To not have their PC/NPC alts contacted to discuss staff related things.

Staffers also have the following obligations:
1) To deal courteously with players at all times.
2) To provide timely assistance to players regarding questions, problems, or
looking over applications.
3) To remain impartial and fair in dealings with players. No favoritism; it
should be noted, however, that pleasant people are naturally preferred over
those who make themselves difficult to reason with. Staff is never obligated
to deal for long with a jerk.
4) To conduct their regular duties for the MUSH, and keep their fellow
Staffers apprised of developments and activities as it affects them.
5) To encourage and accept feedback dealing with suggestions for the more
premium performance of the MUSH, better handling of plots, and any other
feedback related to the well-being and operation of the MUSH.

In regards to the hierarchy of authority when it comes to the various IC and
OOC departments of the MUSH, this is handled in with a fairly loose
structure. It isn't a big deal for one Staffer to field a Player question of
any nature in the complete absence of the department 'authority'. In this
case, it should be stated that the answer is for this individual instance
only, and that the absent Staffer may have a different ruling later, that
will stand for all future occurrences.

Therefore it is important for Staffers, when making on-the-spot decisions, to
document it in some way (such as addressing a @mail to *admin as well as the
Player), so that it gets back to the appropriate Staffer for either
confirmation or tweaking as a general rule. When it comes to laying down
permanent policy, however, that is definitely left to the appropriate
Staffer. Doesn't mean that folks can't debate a point, but generally, Staff
will respect the final decision.

When organizing a major scene or TP that will deal prominently with the
domain of another, it would be best to check with that Staffer to make sure
the main aspects are consistent with past events. Each Staffer should keep a
sort of FAQ for the others to cross-reference in their absence.

Final Notes:

Staffers are not the personal servants of individual players of the MUSH, and
should not be expected to act as such. Rather, a Staffer, whether Wizard or
Admin, has a primary loyalty to the overall welfare and development of the

Staffers are not paid, and just as Players role-play for the love of
role-playing, so do Staffers take up much of their free time administering
for the love of the game. As such, a bit of cooperation with Staff is in
order, at least out of respect for a generally thankless job.

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