+news Stamina

Stamina is the juice of life. It is the fuel you turn into active energy
(Chakra). It is the way you keep going; the means by which you run down the
street; how you manage to throw a kunai. Stamina is your energy. Running
out of Stamina does not mean death, but it does mean trouble. Here's a
rough guide:

Fine: 100% to 50%
You are okay. You might be a bit winded (depending on your Stamina level),
but generally you can do everything you could normally do.

Fatigued: 50% to 15%
You're tired. Your hands might be shaking, you could be breathing hard, or
you might just be really tired. Your motions might be slower, and actions
you could normally perform without effort come only with exertion.

Exhausted: 15% or below
You need to rest. As you reach the lower levels of Stamina, you will find
yourself soon unable to move. Running anywhere would be very hard at this
point. Recovering from this level of Stamina can take days (or even weeks).

Coma: 0%
Welcome to a coma. Recovering from this type of exhaustion will take
outside help. If you're in a death-consent scene, and your Stamina reaches
zero, you're pretty much dead. You cannot defend yourself. You can barely
move. If you do not get medical attention, you will eventually die.
Recovering from zero Stamina takes weeks (or longer), even with medical
attention. Do not run out of Stamina lightly.

Note: a character's max Stamina score is calculated as follows:
(Nin + Gen + Tai + Int + Seal + Pow + Spd + Sta + Sta) x 250.

(Continued in +news stamina2.)

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