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There are two types of stealth on NarutoMUSH: Genjutsu stealth, and
standard stealth.

Standard stealth (all basic and advanced stealth techniques) requires only
a single attempt by the user. Once this attempt is tried, each character
being hidden from can defend with a general +defend perception check, or
they may defend with a unique perception of their own (Sharingan, Byakugan,
Maneshi Senses, et cetera). If the defending character fails the initial
perception check, they may attempt a +rpdefend perception or a +rpdefend
each of their following turns after the initial stealth
and defense, using the original stealth score as the score to beat. For
example, Ninja Bob uses Stealth and rolls a 15. Ninja Jane defends with
Perception and rolls a 12 — Ninja Jane does not see Ninja Bob, and is
allowed no more actions for her turn. If Ninja Bob takes no other action
during his turn, Ninja Jane can attempt +rpdefend perception on her next
turn (and again and again, so on and so forth if Ninja Bob remains hidden
without taking another action). However, if Ninja Bob attacks (and does not
go back into hiding), or if Ninja Jane had originally rolled greater than
15, then Ninja Jane may attack as normal.
If a stealth user attacks from a hidden position, the Attack is always
defended against like a normal Attack (with normal Defense). If a stealth
user attacks from a hidden position, and then hides again at the end of
their turn, the defender may Defend against the Attack (normal combat
rules), and then may also offer an Attack of their own. For example, Ninja
Bob attacks with Sharp from a hidden position, and then attempts Stealth at
the end of his turn (to hide again); Ninja Jane defends the Sharp with
Dodge and wins the roll, but loses Perception against Ninja Bob's Stealth.
During her turn, Ninja Jane may attempt a single Attack (i.e. in noticing
where Ninja Bob's Attack came from, and quickly retaliating) but that is
her only action of her turn, as she failed against Ninja Bob hiding again.
If Ninja Bob takes no action on his following turn, then Ninja Jane may
+rpdefend perception as usual. If Ninja Jane had won the Perception against
Ninja Bob's Stealth, then combat proceeds as normal.

Genjutsu stealth is an active connection to everyone being affected by a
Genjutsu, causing those under the influence of the Genjutsu to be unable to
tell precisely where the user is. The rank of the Skill determines how many
rounds the Genjutsu is in effect before needing to be attempted again —
D-rank: 1 round; C-rank: 2; B-rank: 3; A-rank: 4; S-rank: 5. It is defended
against like normal Genjutsu attacks (+news gen-defense2), and operates
exactly like standard stealth (as in the examples above) except that the
Defenses used in combating the Genjutsu stealth must be Genjutsu Defenses
(Genjutsu Kai, Self Inflict, et cetera).

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